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Develop A Successful Business

When starting a business, We all understand we aren’t too educated on the necessary routes to having a successful business. We assist with that initial business start-up. Funding & Working Capital are 2 of the main ingredients for a successful start up.


Professional Consulting

We’ll schedule a call with one of our qualified agents from our Client Support team.


Online Reputation

We provide an overview of what we’re able to do and provide for you and what goals you’re trying to accomplish. Our reputation speaks for itself.


Market Research

As you’re starting up, Researching your market and niche is key for your ongoing business operation in the future. You have to be mindful that consistency is the biggest asset to any company.


Budget Friendly

Our services are catered to various budgets. We provide installment options and financing options for all of our services.

Welcome To Capital Credit Solutions.

Providing consulting services to debtors to assist them with consolidating their financial struggles.

  • Debt Collection
  • Financial Consulting & Counseling
  • Debt Consolidation

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Our mission

Our Mission is to Turn Your Problems Into Solutions.

Although we are located in Cuyahoga County, OH, we work with companies and consumers across the U.S.  We help individuals and businesses of every size in many industries including:

Home Improvement Contractors, Plumbers, Home Builders, Electricians, Suppliers, Transportation, Wholesalers, and much more.

Market Research
Sales Services
Online Reputation
Strategic Consulting
What We Offer

Our Services We Provide

All around the board, we can assist with your journey to becoming debt-free.

It’s hard finding the right balance between being able to collect your delinquent receivables and maintaining a business relationship with your customers. We will quickly and reasonably resolve disputes on your behalf and provide any necessary documentation to your customer.

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We have extensive experience and knowledge in business to business consulting.  We will help you understand your rights and available remedies.

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Just as it is important in client relationships with consumers, our client’s commercial relationships are just as valuable.  We will do all that we can to resolve discrepancies and and secure your payment.  We assist our clients with compliance regulation and review of your default wording on contracts and proposals at no cost.

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What People Say


I highly recommend Capital Credit Solutions. I've been knowing about them for a while now and for some reason never worked with them until now. At the beginning of 2019, I was paying LexingtonLaw every month for about 5 months and the only difference I noticed was, I was receiving more emails than before. I haven't been with Capital Credit solutions long, yet I've been able to consolidate some of my debt, get a secure credit card to help restore credit, and more! I also received extra financial tips for the future. Whoever is reading this is probably like me, so reading a review probably won't convince you that it works but it does. It won't hurt you to try, but it will if you don't.
Allen Spears


I've been trying different places to restore my credit over the years and have not gotten very far until I started with Capital Credit Solutions Inc, it's only been a couple of months and my score has changed drastically. I'm almost at 750!!!!!! I'm hoping if I continue to go through them so they can help me improve my score even more!!!!! I definitely will recommend this to anyone. 😉
Royale Tarver

Healthcare Worker

Working with Capital Credit Solutions has saved my life! Over the last year, I started falling behind on credit card bills due to a series of unfortunate events and my credit slowly got worse and worse. It came to a point where I had no other options and I felt like I was drowning in debt and I would never recover. As a single parent, life can get very hard at times and I felt like I was going to lose everything. I've known about Capital Credit Solutions for over a year and I decided to give them a try. I was very skeptical at first and still am because honestly I have never received any type of help before from anyone and they were so helpful, it felt too good to be true. Let's be real all of us could have better credit. Just give them a call and give them a chance. I'm happy I did. I hope you don't wait too long as I did. God bless these wonderful people.
Tommy C.

Business Owner

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